At the Church’s mission and faith are eternal, the doctrine (Core Values), on which the mission and faith are based, remain valid across generations. The GCIC doctrine is entirely based on the teachings of the holy bible and includes the following components.
1] – Dependence on God
The GCIC recognises human limitations and therefore totally depends on God for its ongoing life. It recognises too, human failure, human sinfulness, even with in the Church, and thus the need for every member to walk humbly with God. 
2] – Commitment to Biblical     Truth
The name Glory of Christ itself means “Image of God” Christ, who is both the incarnate Son and the Second Person of the Trinity, authentically displays God to us, for he is the very radiance of divine glory (Heb.1:3). Christ is the image of God in which man  was originally Created and into which redeemed mankind is being gloriously transformed, until at last, when Christ comes again at the end of this age, we who believe will be like him(1Jn. 3:2). 
¤ 2 Cor.4:4 – Pointing to the Bible as the basis of all GCIC doctrine and practices. The Bible is the infallible Word of God, and the GCIC submits to its authority. 
3] – Commitment to the Great Commission 
The GCIC exists to accomplish the Great Commission . There are still multitudes of people within America  in Africa and beyond who have not been reached by the Gospel. The GCIC believes it has a mandate to use all appropriate and available means and proclaim the Gospel to those who have not yet heard it.
4] – Commitment to the Great Commandment 
In addition to the Great Commission , the GCIC is committed to the Great Commandment of love and compassion to our neighbors, motivated by the words and example of Jesus Christ. The GCIC will extend a helping hand wherever possible , to alleviate human suffering , and to help local Communities overcome their social, economic and other problem. Enabling people to help themselves is the core of GCIC holistic ministry.
5] – Commitment to a Worldview focused on Eternity 
The GCIC encourages all its members to live out their lives in the light of eternity. We long to see the GCIC as abody submitted to a life lived out to the glory of God. The Church teaches its members to order their lives in accordance with eternal and heavenly values rather than temporal and earthly values. 
6] – Commitment to the Maintenance of the Unity of the Body of Christ 
The GCIC believes in the unity of the Church , the Body of Christ , as it is expressed in scripture , and seeks to maintain and extend that unity by cooperating with other churches and by promoting relationships across denominational and organisational barriers. The GCIC seeks to be an example of a church that makes every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.
Glory of Christ International Church ፦ Imagine many of people gathering together from different Countries. Imagine these people worshiping from their hearts. Imagine people from different cultures and countries all realizing that they have more in common with each other , than they have differences. Imagine gathering once a week and growing in the under standing of what it really means to follow Jesus from your heart, without getting caught up in outward religious formalities. 
Imagine gathering in a beautiful worship center designed to help you encounter the living God. The good News is that you don’t have to just imagine this, you can experience this and more each week at the Glory of Christ International Church /GCIC/ in America , Washington De . You’re Welcome at GCIC. You will find friendly people, from all walks of life , and you will experience the presence of Jesus. Come to one of our Sunday morning worship experiences at either 8:30 or 11:15 am.